Welcome to The Maison des Tout Petits Anges!

Composed of two groups of partners, a daycare owner and parents, the Maison des Tout Petits Anges was created in 2012 and is a young, dynamic and maturing company. 

The combination of this partnership has helped us target a wide range of kids' furniture that meet both the requirements of the childcare sector as well as the demands of the residential sector. As owners of LMDTPA, we are also very proud parents and have been in the childcare industry for over 15 years. 

We have firsthand knowledge as to what all  kids' furniture for daycare needs are: products that cater to functionality as well as children's growth in a secure environment. 

Our safe children's furniture are well-designed for practicality and create a comfortable, colorful and inviting setting that encourage reading, playfulness and development for our children. 

All our products have been tested and comply with the Canadian Security Act of Consumer Products (CCPSA) and Children's Toys Regulations SOR/2011-17. Laboratory reports are available upon request. 

We do our very best to see the game world through the eyes of a child. A child's only concern is to learn about life through playfulness, and the key to accomplish this is to provide the best tools that challenge and constantly draw their attention so they can flourish over and over again. We provide great early learningtoys, educational puzzles and desktop toys. Our items can be purchased online, by email, by phone or fax. If you live in Montreal, you can simply visit our warehouse and we will be happy to serve you. There will be no minimum purchase required. 

And please make yourself at home and browse with confidence through all of the hand chosen kids' furniture we have made available to you online! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.Team La Maison des Tout Petits Anges